Three Easy Steps to Change Your Life!

1. Curb mindless snacking. Don’t eat while watching television. Don’t eat while standing. Don’t eat when you have a drink in hand. These are simple rules to help you avoid putting food in your mouth when there isn’t a good reason for it to be there!

2. Get a new pastime. Start a hobby. Take the dog for longer walks. Do the laundry every day. Clean your attic or garage. Focus on things that get you on your feet and moving. The benefits of this are two-fold: first, you are moving which burns calories and second, your mind is busy with something else and won’t ask for a snack!

3. Avoid temptations. If you get tempted by the cinnamon bun stall at the mall, go another direction and avoid seeing it all together. Take a different route to work to avoid the coffee shop with the tasty pastries. Tell the waitress to keep the bread basket off the table. You know what is tempting so set yourself up for success by avoiding it altogether.

There’s three easy steps to drop that 500 calories a day with no work whatsoever!


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