Diets ARE Evil!

The quality of our lives is determined by the quality of our health, says the IGoPink blog today, adding a lot of material that makes perfect sense – and it’s offered up in 25 bite-size, low-calorie tips! What caught our eye was the first tip which reads Diets are evil – “words to our ears” in terms of permanent weight loss solutions.

Haven’t we all been teased into believing there was a new, quick, effective, low-cost, revolutionary, doctor-approved, remarkable, transformational, easy, nutritionally-balanced, life-changing, fat-burning solution to all our weight issues? And, weren’t we ultimately disappointed when that diet’s promises didn’t result in permanent changes to our body? (Funny how we, as humans, try things we already know will disappoint us, and we also hope for change when we don’t really want to change anything!)

Well, if you’re up for a little change – and who isn’t (??) drop over to IGoPink and have a read. If this blog were to put up 25 tips, we couldn’t do any better than what you will read there.

And if you are still reading, this far into the post, leave a comment below on what topics you would like us to cover off. We believe that fitness and healthy eating has common benefits across a number of age groups – but that it is especially important for those over 55 as their metabolism slows down, their muscles and joints start to complain when they aren’t worked and their overall ability to be agile, balanced and alert will be compromised by a lack of good food and exercise. Let us know what parts of that equation you want help with. . .


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