Weight Loss Buddies

Even though we all got to the size we are by putting food into our own mouths, and we stayed at the size we are because we, alone, made the decision to not exercise, there is no rule that says we have to tackle our weight loss all by ourselves! One of the easiest ways to keep on the path you have set for yourself is to find a weight loss buddy. It doesn’t have to be someone who also wants to lose a few pounds – just someone who, as a friend, will understand the difficulties of the challenge that you face, will provide unqualified support when you are feeling overwhelmed, and will challenge you with tough love when that is the order of the day!

For some, there are local support groups like Overeaters Anonymous. For others, it may be a registered dietition at the local health unit or clinic. Whatever your need, there should be someone out there who wants to help!

If all else fails, turn to the internet. There are numerous forums and chat groups that tackle weight loss and could provide some support. If you can’t find anyone, leave a comment here –  someone will read it and respond because we’re all in this together!


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