Okay, 3 More Myths About Weight Loss!

Revisiting the myths from yesterday, I think we need to include a few more. . .

Myth #4: There are pills that can help us lose weight. Right, and there’s a Santa Claus and an Easter Bunny too! The use of pills, remedies and recipes to control weight goes back to the 1800s (have a look at this one!) and their effectiveness hasn’t changed. . . Science cannot improve on the tried-and-true formula, which is less calories + more exercise = weight loss!

Myth #5: Eat 2 or fewer times per day – less calories is part of the formula, right? WRONG! Two things work against this myth: 1. our body needs food to produce energy to work and keep itself in operation, so it will wait until we feed it something and hold on to that food with a vengeance. 2. Eating less causes our body to go after all parts of itself for energy, not just fat. . . so we lose muscle mass as well as fat. This isn’t healthy, and will make us less able to move around, less able to exercise, less able to lose weight in the future. Vicious circle, isn’t it?

Myth #6: Eating salads is healthy and will knock the pounds off. Well, maybe. But if you’re thinking salad with salad dressing, salad in a restaurant, salad with all the trimmings, you may as well eat something you like. Several days ago, I wrote about a fictional woman’s one day eating routine and mentioned a Caesar Salad for dinner. That salad weighed in at 1,190 calories. Applebees has a regular Oriental Grilled Chicken Salad that comes in at 1,240 calories. Believe this myth only at your own peril!

And that’s all I’ll say about myths for a while!


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