I Want to Exercise. . . Someday!

Travelling around the net, it’s obvious that weight loss for all age groups is a big deal. . . many sites, many ads, many products, many ideas on how to tackle the weight loss challenge. One site that stands out in the crowd is freedieting.com. This site has tons of information, worthwhile tips, calculators for calorie counters, bmi checkers, nutrient ratios and so on (After building our own nutrient ration calculator, we can vouch for the work that has gone into the one on freedieting.com – it’s great!)

Diet plans, exercise ideas, nutrition advice and answers to frequently asked diet questions are all easy to find. If you want to see honest advice without a hidden agenda to get you to buy something, take a walk over to their site for a visit.

Another site that looks very promising is weightlossbuddy.com. A few posts back, we talked about finding a buddy to help you in your weight loss program – this site takes that idea to a whole new level. “Experts” can answer dieting and weight loss questions, you can join or start your own weight loss team and use their diet journals and trackers to assist in reaching your goals. Weightlossbuddy.com also has message boards and a live chat room to round out their support for you.

And that’s just two of many sites on the net that will help over-55s tackle the challenge of the bulge(s)! Have a visit and let us know what you think. . .


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