Six Reasons to Give Up On Your Weight Loss Program

I read over the past several posts here and got the impression that a lot of this stuff sounds pretty serious. So, to counteract some of that seriousness, I tried to write this one in a lighter vein. . . we’ll see if it works!

Six reasons to give up on your weight loss program include:

  1. It will mean you won’t eat things that are good for you. . . in the car, in the bath, on the bus and in that bistro with the great biscotti and lattes.
  2. It will make you less difficult from now on. How many waiters have looked skyward when you started asking for special foods and cooking methods in order to meet your calorie and nutrient restrictions?
  3. If things get too bulky, you can always take on one of those “lose 50 pounds in 10 minutes” diet plans. They must work for somebody because there’s a bundle of them out there!
  4. You are tired of seeing your blender on the counter waiting to provide that morning smoothie – which, by the way, is not the color of real food (if gray-brown-green-orange is actually a color.)
  5. You always feel guilty leaving food on a plate in a restaurant. At those prices, we should eat it all and then some!
  6. You are ready to give in to your family and friends and eat like they do. After all, they’re always telling you “Why are you on a diet, you just look comfortable!”

Okay, maybe it wasn’t that funny, but I did smile in a couple of places. How about you?


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