The Easy Answer is. . .

. . .in weight loss, there is no easy answer! Well, actually, there might be. It just depends on what you are used to. Many habitual dieters are forever frustrated when they find the new diet is just as ineffective as the old one. And some people gain back even more weight than they lost while dieting. . . sound familiar?

Crawling the ‘net is an interesting pastime – and even more so if you are looking at a specific interest area. In the area of weight loss, there are more sites than one can hope to follow but there are a few that cut through the “buy, buy, buy” jabber and offer great advice and help. One such site is Rebecca Critchfield’s Balanced Health and Nutrition blog. Straight forward advice and a common sense approach to weight loss and healthy nutrition are the order of the day – and reading her Dieting 101: Getting Started for the Last Time may be the easy answer that some people are looking for. Echoing much of what is being said on this site, Critchfield makes it clear that, if your dieting has not worked in the past, it’s time to come to grips with the fact that without change, nothing will change! That is, if you don’t make some significant changes in the way you eat and move your body, you will continue to be frustrated and disappointed in your results.

At the expense of starting to preach, let’s just say go on over and read Dieting 101 – it’s a great primer to help you embark on the changes that you want to make! Now, how’s that for an easy answer?


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